Performance Space, Training Facility and Rehersal Space

Victoria Works is an artist-led initiative providing a training, rehearsal and performance venue for circus and performing arts in Sheffield. Run by artists for artists, it provides a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for the creation and performance of work.

Historical photoTransformed from a semi –derelict building by volunteers, we are proud of our space and are happy for people with a positive, can-do attitude to come and get involved.

The training facilities are equipped with floor mats, safety mats, dancefloor, aerial rigging (at 6.4 metres), trampoline, tightwire, etc. You are welcome to bring your own equipment too.

The performance space has a capacity of 150, some lighting and PA facilities, a small stage and a green room. There is also a large secure yard suitable for presenting outdoor work.

With prop makers, artists and costume designers in on site workshops, Victoria Works is a hub for performers of all kinds to share skills, collaborate on projects and offer mutual support. Open on request for training and rehearsal.