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Aerial Workshops with Sarah Bebe Holmes
Aerial Workshops with Sarah Bebe Holmes
Sat, Jun 8th, 2019

2 days of aerial workshops with Sarah Bebe Holmes.
8th and 9th Jue 2019
10am- 1pm Trapeze, intermediate-advanced
2pm-5pm Silks, intermediate-advanced
£75 per 2 day workshop (trapeze and silks are separate workshops)

To book email madammango@hotmail.co.uk

Victoria Works are delighted to welcome back Sarah Bebe Holmes of Paper Doll Militia to teach 2 days of aerial workshops ahead of her upcoming tour of her show Egg.
Come and learn some of Sarah's unique choreography, she combines a high level skills, good technique and creative output with beautifully expressive movement style. She is a brilliant teacher able to inspire her students and help them uderstand both aerial and their bodies better.

Bursary Scheme Winners
Bursary Scheme Winners
Wed, May 8th, 2019

We were really pleased to receive a high number of good quality applications for our first assessment round of our bursary scheme. After much deliberation the panel made up of 2 Victoria Works Board members and Ian Morley of The Barnsley Civic awarded the bursary to "Who Do They Think They Are?" a project led by Claire Crook.

"Who do they think they are?" is a 5 person circus theatre show that explores diversity, identity and the lives of female circus performers. It is informed by archival research of female and BAME circus performers by Professor Vanessa Tolumin, University of Sheffield, revealing previously un-researched historical narratives. The show utilises aerial, acrobatics, contortion, hand & partner balancing, dance, physical theatre, projections & text. Directed by Eleanor Hooper. It was performed as a scratch at an event "The Sisterhood of the Ring" for Being Human festival 2018.

The bursary application was a part of a larger funding application to develop the ideas and narrative for the show and to perform it at a number of venues accross the region in 2020. The company will be working in Victoria Works this Autumn and will give a work in progress showing this autumn (date to be announced)

The next round of applications will be assessed this September, so get your applications in!

Artist and New Work Support Scheme
Artist and New Work Support Scheme
Sun, Mar 31st, 2019


To fit in with our objectives as a CIC Performing Arts North has set aside some funding to support local and aligned artists who wish to explore and create new work of artistic merit. This can be done alongside or in support of a grant application to Arts Council England or similar.

Victoria Works is an artist-led initiative providing a training, rehearsal and performance venue for circus and performing arts in Sheffield. Run by artists for artists, it provides a nurturing and supportive environment for the creation of live performance works.

Transformed from a semi–derelict building by volunteers, we are proud of Victoria Works and would encourage people with a positive, can-do attitude to come and get involved. The nature of our space is temporary and our lease could be terminated with 6 months notice at any time. Unfortunately due to the temporary nature of our lease and the age of the building, we are unable to provide wheelchair access or disabled toilet facilities. Please contact us to discuss any other access needs.

We are offering artists some or all of the following, allocated on a case by case basis:

· Use of Victoria Works rehearsal space or yard for creation/exploration for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks (dates and times to be negotiated). The space has a wooden floor, a small stage and is riggable to a height of 6.4m in 2 bays and also has lower rigging points.

· Technical support – provided by our in-house lighting and sound technician, use of the lighting rig and help with lighting design.

· Bursaries of between £300 and £1000 to be spent as seen fit by the artist. This could be to purchase props, costume, equipment, hire a director or pay for artists’ wages.

· A work in progress showing to an invited or public audience with a feedback session.

· The opportunity to use a part of their grant to pay for the expertise of members of Victoria Works which include aerial skills, acrobatic and manipulation skills, prop design and making, equipment design, costume  making as well as technical support as previously mentioned.

· The maximum spend on projects will be £2000 per year. We reserve the right not to spend all of this if our circumstances change or if we feel that the quality of applications is not high enough.

All of these things have a monetary value as ‘support in kind’ and can be used in other grant applications for the project. For example the use of the space is worth £10/hour.

If you have specific questions about these values please get in touch.

Application Process


To be eligible to apply for an award your project must fit the following criteria:

· Be to create or work towards a piece of live performance
· Include an element of circus or dance
· Have an artistic or theatrical quality - we will not fund work that is purely a circus routine or designed for the corporate market. Applications will be judged on perceived artistic merit.
· Be in need of support.
· We have a preference for working with local artists and those with a connection to Victoria Works.
· We will accept applications for work at any stage of development, but not  to re-work an existing performance.
· The project must be completed within 6 months of the award being given due to the temporary nature of our lease.

Application process

To apply please outline the following on no more than 2 sides of A4 or as a video submission. If applying by video please read out the title of each section before replying to it. If neither of these methods are accessible to you please get in touch to discuss a way that we may be able to facilitate your application:

· Your project or artistic idea - applications will be judged on the clarity of your idea.
· The names and biographies of all artists involved.
· Your connection with Victoria Works or the Sheffield area.
· What you are asking for from Victoria Works - against what is offered above.
· What the outcomes of this phase of the project will be.
· Why you think your project is worthy of support.
· Attached images and links to footage of previous work.

We may ask you to attend an interview to discuss your project.

Applications can be submitted at any time. There will be 2 rounds of assessments per annum with the deadlines being March 31st and Sept 30th.

We aim to let you know the outcome of your application (whether that be a request for more information, be accepted or declined) within 7 days of the deadline.

Applications will be assessed by a panel of 3 people, 2 of whom are members of Victoria Works and 1 who is an independent arts practitioner.

Queries and on-line applications should be emailed to:


Applications by post should be addressed to:

The Artists’ Support Scheme
Victoria Works
1 Rowland Street
S3 8DE

Alex AllanRope Workshops
Alex AllanRope Workshops
Fri, Apr 20th, 2018
3 days of Rope Workshops with Alex Allan.
2-5pm each day.
To book email madammango@hotmail.co.uk

Level: Intermediate/Advanced – Participants should feel confident with a range of beats, flares and release manoeuvres.

This master class series has been designed to give participants a new perspective on the creation of contemporary rope work. Students will not only learn a new vocabulary of momentum-based skills but will learn them as part of larger phrases of choreography. In these workshops, skills will be explored as transitions and technique will be implemented to create a quality of movement that is fluid, seamless and powerful. C-shape pathways will also be used in these transit...ions and as a means moving efficiently up and down the rope in rotational movements.

In these workshops we will also focus on connecting to the floor. Students will learn original floor choreography and different ways of engaging with the rope on the ground created by Alex. Participants will also be given a variety of transitions onto and off of the rope resulting in a new insight into creating work that is not restricted to the air but can move organically between both the floor and the air.


Egg by Sarah Bebe Holmes
Egg by Sarah Bebe Holmes
Sat, Apr 14th, 2018

Aerial Theatre Performance

The production brings carefully crafted aerial acrobatics across an entire PVC plastic set with visual projections to envelop the internal workings of a woman during this period of time. From the physical distortion created from hormones and the emotional displacement egg donation entails, Egg delves into the complexities of both the legal and ethical implications of surrendering the rights to your genetically linked child.

The whole story is set to a live music soundscape with double bass, electric bass and assortment of experimental instruments such as plastic and balloon to supplement the ever-present synthetic nature of the story and set.


Tickets £10 follow the link below.

Emiliano Ron Rope Workshops
Emiliano Ron Rope Workshops
Sat, Mar 3rd, 2018
2 Day Workshop with The Rope Master- Emiliano Ron.
Adv 10-1pm £80
Int 2-5pm £80
To book email: madammango@hotmail.co.uk

Return of the ever popular Emiliano Ron to Victoria Works. 2 days of mind and body bending dynamic and strength based rope conundrums to make your arms ache! If youhaven't trained with Emiliano before, he comes highly recommended.

Emiliano Ron devoted many years to various aerial techniques, specializing on rope.
With an academic background in the cinematography arts (Editor and director of photography) , and adolescence mixing his passion for martial arts, reading and skateboarding.
Decides to leave everything and become a circus performer.
Learning with great teachers and training with ...others.
Currently divides his profession as artist and trainer.
Creating new movements, developing a particular eccentric and unique style. A freak on the rope.
Raw, wild , brutal and different.

Booking essential


Sugarman- Jair Ramirez
Sugarman- Jair Ramirez
Sun, Oct 22nd, 2017

Sugarman explores the reality of being tied into the routine of urban life in a Colombian metropolis, and how to rise above the daily grind. While there are aspects that relate to Bogota specifically I believe the underlying theme of claustrophobia and the how to breaking free is universal.
Sugarman combines imaginative use of aerial equipment with clowning, charecter and narrative in a hugely enjoyable solo performance.

There will be some loaal circus performances prior to the main show, TBC.
Bar and a warm, welcoming atmosphere!

Trapeze and Straps Workshops with Jair Ramirez
Trapeze and Straps Workshops with Jair Ramirez
Sat, Oct 21st, 2017
2 Aerial Workops with Jair Ramirez
Intermediate Straps Sat & Sun 10am-1pm £70
Advanced Trapeze Sat & Sun 2pm-5pm £70
Book on both workshops for £120
To book email madammango@hotmail.co.uk

Intermediate Straps:
This workshop is suitable for those with some straps experience and a good level of aerial strength- you will need to be able to invert, hold your own body weight and have core strength.
You will learn basic wraps and hangs from the straps, different poses and conditioning different muscles as well as spinning, rocking and lifting. Moving on to (depending on level) more advanced drills and tricks. You will work through meat hooks, flags, switches, and body rollups.

Advanced Trapeze:
You will need to have... a good level of trapeze, be able to beat and invert with ease.
Advance trapeze the main tricks will be combine beats, all possible drops to ankles, belly rolls , elbows, wind-mill rolls, ankles and heels, suspensions and much more.

Colombian born and bred Jair Ramirez winner of the 'Circus Maximus Judges Award (London UK 2015)' studied circus for 6 years in Colombia "Circociudad and Circo para todos" before hitting the world stage and has since performed non stop around the globe, his performance was described as highlights from Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 by BBC
Also co-funder of Aerial school for dancers in London www.freedom2flyda.com


Joli Vyann Dance Acro Workshop
Joli Vyann Dance Acro Workshop
Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Following their success at the Edinburgh Festival and sold-out performances at Sadler's Wells as part of The London International Mime Festival, the acclaimed circus, dance company Joli Vyann take their exciting show 'Imbalance' on tour and are visiting Barnsley Civic next week. ...

.....and the Dance Network are lucky to have them over for a workshop!

WED 27 SEPT    


Victoria Works, Sheffield

The workshop is only free to participants when purchasing a ticket to the show on the following evening at Barnsley Civic.

THUR 28 SEPT 7:30pm
The Civic, Barnsley

Sunday Shift- Dance Network Sheffield
Sunday Shift- Dance Network Sheffield
Sun, Sep 24th, 2017 http://www.dancenetworksheffield.co.uk
Silks Workshops with Sarah Bebe Holmes
Silks Workshops with Sarah Bebe Holmes
Sat, Sep 16th, 2017

The amazing Sarah Bebe Holmes is coming ng back to Victoria Works!
Sarah is well known for her high level technical teaching, as well as original material, great understanding of the body and creative approach. These workshops will give your brain and body a thorough and fun workout!
Advanced Class 10-1pm (both days)
Intermediate Class 2-5pm (both days)
Cost £ 75
To book email madammango@hotmail.co.uk

Emiliano Ron The Rope Master Rope Workshops
Emiliano Ron The Rope Master Rope Workshops
Fri, May 19th, 2017

Emiliano Ron devoted many years to various aerial techniques, specializing on rope.

With an academic background in the cinematography arts (Editor and director of photography) , and adolescence mixing his passion for martial arts, reading and skateboarding.
Decides to leave everything and become a circus performer.
Learning with great teachers and training with others.
Currently divides his profession as artist and trainer.
Creating new movements, developing a particular eccentric and unique style. A freak on the rope.
Raw, wild , brutal and different.

Dying to please you - Sheffield
Dying to please you - Sheffield
Fri, May 12th, 2017

This is devised piece of physical theatre rooted in the personal journey of Tess Cartwright and Vid Warren through brain cancer, his passing and beyond. It is whacky, edgy, playful and has completely obliterated the fourth wall.

Tristan Green and Sidney Robb are Malmesbury based company: The Last Baguette:

May 12 2017
£10 / £8.5 conc.
Running Length: 75min

Dying to Please You - a comedy about death and dying